China ATV Rear Axle axle end caps

Model Number: GA quantity
Material: Steel PLASTIC RUBBER Aluminum
Application: All-terrain
Model: UTV 150CC 175CC 3 7060171 7060149 7060144 1822179 39112-S 7060145 7060138 53175-HA8-770 53158-HB9- 7094 709405712 7094 7094 0505-875 0505-511 0405-083 0405-283 0505-051 0405-041 7061174 7061170 39112-1 7061171 0505-874 0505-510 0405-082 0405-282 0505-050 0405-040 1UY-23841-01- 571630 39112-Y 7061019 7061139 757153 7061054 7061138 7061134 39112-1088 39112-1087 7061112 7061113 43D-F3845- 43D-F3841- 7061135 709405711 7094 7094 5B4-23841- 7061171 7061170 7061170 7061174 709401125 7061189 39112- 7094 7094 5412928 7061138 5412929 5134242 51281-33H 75717139 WE311 forty one-6509 forty one-6511 41-6516 forty one-6 39186- 7061153 7061130 7080364 7080673 7080927 5LP-23579- 7062 51355-HP5-601 51355-HM5-A81 37S-23549- 59266-1118 7061187 757166 7061220 7081505 7 ninety one 757163 7081580 757162 0430- 0571 3B4-23579- 7 01393 417752 706201371 706257145 706201394 706201370 417753 706257144 7 ninety two 2HC-23579- 7094 51281-31G01 7 -31G20 16B-2385L-ten 16B-2385M-ten WE351033 WE351030 WE351571 WE351015 WE351039 WE351009 WE351016 WE351017 WE351018 WE351019 WE351032 WE351034 WE351035 WE351036 WE350040 WE351118 WE351038 WE350042 WE350045 WE350043 WE350047 forty one-3571 forty one-3571 forty one-3571 41-3571 41-3571 forty one-3571 forty one-3030 41-3031 forty one-3032 forty one-3033 forty one-3034 41-3035 forty one-3036 forty one-3038 forty one-3039 41-3040 41-3041-1 forty one-3042 41-3043 forty one-3044 forty one-3045 forty one-3046 forty one-3048 forty one-3050 41-3052 41-3053 41-3054 forty one-3055 forty one-3056 41-3057 41-1055 41-6502 forty one-6503 forty one-6504 41-6505 41-6506 41-6507 41-6508 forty one-6518 41-6519 41-6520 forty one-6523 41-6524 41-1059 41-6001 41-6002 41-6003 41-6006 41-6007 41-6008 41-6008-M10 forty one-6009 forty one-6571 41-6011 41-6014 41-6015 forty one-6016 forty one-6018 forty one-6019 forty one-6571 41-6571 41-6571 forty one-6500 forty one-6501 forty one-6509 forty one-6510 41-6511 41-6512 41-6513 41-6514 forty one-6516 ninety nine-1092 99-1093 ninety nine-1096 ninety nine-1097 ninety nine-1113 ninety nine-1114 99-1116 41-7003 forty one-7004 41-7007 forty-1089 forty-2182 40-2187 forty-2190 forty-2251 forty-2331 forty-2333 forty-2348 40-2460 40-1068 40-1114 40-1129 forty-4571 forty-4112 40-4132 forty-4133 forty-6037 NUT1 NUT2 NUT3 NUT4

What Is an Axle?

An axle is the central shaft of a vehicle that rotates a wheel or gear. It may be fixed to the wheels or to the vehicle itself, and can rotate with the wheels and gears. It may include bearings and mounting points. If the axle is fixed to the vehicle, it may have a steering or drive shaft attached.

Rear axle

The rear axle is a crucial part of your vehicle. If it fails to function correctly, it can cause major issues when driving at high speeds. This assembly can be a complicated component, and it is crucial that you find a mechanic who knows how to fix it. Rear axles require periodic gear oil replacement and bearing adjustments.
The rear axle is the final leg of the drivetrain, transferring rotational power from the driveshaft to the rear wheels. While the design of the rear axle varies between vehicles, all axles are designed to follow similar principles. Rear axles may have a single drive shaft or two. The drive shafts are mounted at either end of the axle.
The rear axle ratio is important because it affects how much fuel the truck uses. The lower the ratio, the more fuel-efficient the vehicle is. Higher numbers, like 4:10, are better for towing, but they will decrease fuel economy. When choosing a rear axle ratio, be sure to consider how much weight you’ll be hauling.
The rear axle is the most complicated part of the vehicle. It has many components and may not be easily visible. However, a properly functioning rear axle is essential for maximizing safety and performance. If you have a problem, you should contact a professional for a quick and easy fix. Even minor issues can make a significant difference in how your car or truck functions. A professional will ensure that your vehicle’s rear axle will be up to OEM standards.

Semi-floating axle

A semi-floating axle is the next step up from a stub axle. Semi-floating axles have a bearing that supports the shaft, which then floats inside the axle casing. These axles are best suited for midsize trucks. They are also lighter than full-floating axles and can be manufactured at a lower cost.
This design is most commonly found on rear-wheel-drive passenger cars and lighter trucks. The semi-floating design also allows for a wider diameter axle shaft, and it can increase axle capacity by increasing the diameter of the axle shaft. It also has a wider offset to accommodate larger tires. It can accommodate any offset, although this is usually only useful in off-road environments.
Semi-floating axles are often made with a tapered end. This helps keep the axel from twisting while providing traction. The rear hub of a semi-floating axle is usually connected to the axel via a big, strong nut. This nut also provides friction on the axel shaft.
A full-floating axle is common in 3/4-ton and 1/2-ton trucks. It is important to note, however, that almost all factory full-floating rear ends use eight-lug wheels. However, this rule is not strictly enforced and some companies, like Czpt, specialize in semi-floating axles and custom axles.

Drive shaft

A drive shaft is an important part of your vehicle’s drivetrain, which helps to transfer torque from the transmission to the drive wheels. You’ll need to know how it functions in order to properly maintain your car. Fortunately, there are a variety of different parts you can use to upgrade your drive shaft.
In order to improve the performance of your vehicle’s drivetrain, you can replace your existing drive shaft with an upgraded one. These are available in various lengths, so that you can find the right length and fit for your vehicle. Some shafts can even be customized to fit the exact length of your axle.
Generally, short axle shafts are made of solid steel. The longer ones are made of aluminum or carbon fiber. To ensure a smooth and safe ride, they are dynamically balanced to eliminate vibrations. Some models are fitted with giubo joints and universal joints to absorb shock. You can also add flex discs to improve your suspension and dampen the bucking sensation of a drive shaft.
You can tell if your drive shaft needs replacement if you hear a clicking noise while driving. This noise is often audible when the vehicle is turning sharply. You should take your vehicle to a mechanic as soon as you hear this noise, or it could lead to a costly repair. In addition to a clicking noise, your car may also be exhibiting a shuddering or vibrating sensation. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you should take your car in for a checkup by an ASE certified technician. If you ignore these warnings, your car’s drive shaft could separate, causing you a lot of damage.
The drive shaft is attached to the axle flange by a drive shaft bolt. This is an important part of the drivetrain because it’s the only point where the drive shaft will connect to the axle. If the bolt is too long, it could be vulnerable to damage if the washers don’t fit tightly. The drive shaft socket yoke can also be easily damaged when you loosen the bolt.


When you replace a u-joint on an axle, you need to take a few things into consideration. One of these considerations is the type of grease you’re going to use. Some of these greases are better than others, and you should always check for a quality grease before you install a new one. A good grease can help to reduce the friction and improve the temperature resistance of the part.
It’s also important to check the u-joint itself. This is the joint between the axle shaft and the wheel. If it’s not functioning properly, it could cause further problems. You should inspect the u-joint every time you change the oil in your vehicle. You can test its lubrication by pressing on the tire with a pry bar or axle stands. You can also try turning the steering wheel fully to test if the joint is loose.
A u-joint failure can leave your car inoperable, which can make driving a risky proposition. If the drive shaft loosens and falls to the ground, you could lose control of your car and risk being stranded. In some severe cases, the front of the driveshaft can even drop to the ground and lift the rear of the car, pushing the car sideways. It’s vital to check u-joints regularly, as failure of the u-joint can cause costly and frustrating car repairs.
When you notice a bad universal joint, you should consider getting it replaced immediately. The most common symptom of a bad u-joint is a clunking sound during acceleration and deceleration. You may also hear vibrations when the u-joint becomes worn and you drive the car. If you notice these symptoms, contact a qualified technician to perform a proper diagnosis.
China ATV Rear Axle     axle end capsChina ATV Rear Axle     axle end caps
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